Kasimpasa deny interest in Yekta Kurtulus

Kasımpaşa deny interest in Yekta Kurtuluş  [divider]

Kasımpaşa manager Shota Arveladze denied that an offer has been made for Galatasaray midfielder Yekta Kurtuluş.

“I have not had any talks with Galatasaray,” Arveladze said.

“I think I would have heard if there were talks for Yekta Kurtuluş.

“Yes we are considering to bring in a defender but nothing is official or finalised yet, negotiations are ongoing and we will just have to wait and see what happens.”

Kurtuluş has both been transfer listed by the Lions.

Arveladze has been in charge of Kasımpaşa since 2012.

The Istanbul based side are currently in seventh place on 23 points.