Karsnozhan – 'We lost the game in the first half'

Yuri Karsnozhan – ‘We lost the game in the first half’ [divider]

Kazakhstan manager Yuri Karsnozhan believes they lost the game against Turkey in the first half.

“We lost the game in the first half, there is not much to say about it,” Karsnozhan said.

“We performed better in the second half because Turkey stopped pressing and let us play.

“Unfortunately we got our tactics wrong, we changed our strategy after the Czech Republic game and varied our game.

“We need some time to adapt to this new style. I do believe we will keep improving but except for Latvia, all the other teams in the group can qualify for the competition.” 

Kazakhstan moved into last place in Euro 2016 Group A following the 3-1 loss against Turkey.

Karsnozhan’s side have picked up just one point after their opening four games.