Top 3 Picks from Turkish Super League

Galatasaray supporters celebrate after the football club was crowned champion of Turkey's top division for a record 22nd time on May 19, 2019 in Istanbul. - Galatasaray sealed their 22nd Turkish league title with a dramatic 2-1 win over nearest challengers Istanbul Basaksehir in a capital-city derby marred by violence. (Photo by Yasin AKGUL / AFP) (Photo credit should read YASIN AKGUL/AFP/Getty Images)

Top 3 Picks from Turkish Super League

Just like the English football league, the Turkish Super League is a powerhouse.  The sporting league hosts some of the biggest football teams in Turkey as they battle it out to be crowned the kings of Turkish football. Operated by the Turkish Football Federation, the league hosts 18 supreme sporting clubs, declaring 1 top winner at the end, promoting 3 clubs to the 1 Lig and also relegating 3 clubs to a lower league if overall performance is not on par. 

We have recently seen some movement in the Turkish Super League, as the Football federation announced in 2020 that they will be adding 3 clubs to the league, bringing the overall amount to 21. Some of the most prominent clubs that compete in the Turkish Super League include European contenders Galatasaray, Fenerbahce, Hatayspor and many more. 

As European football is being rocked by J.P Morgan and the launch of the European Super League, here are our predictions for some of the best upcoming games happening this week in the Turkish Super League. 

Kasimpasa S.K. vs Istanbul Basaksehir Preview & Prediction

The anticipated match between Kasimpasa S.K and Istanbul Basksehir is happening on the 22nd of April 2021 and will be another match with spectators. Having said that, betting on the game is always available at major online sportsbook sites

Istanbul’s Basaksehir has not been doing so well this season, and they could potentially get relegated to a lower league. Yet. if they manage to win the game against Kasimpasa S.K, this could be the road to a safety net for the team. Can they manage that?  Very hard to say as the team has already suffered a massive loss this month against Kasimpasa.  So what are the predictions for this upcoming match?  Well, following the crushing defeat, the Basaksehir dressing room, stepped up and secured 3 straight draws, so to say that the game is still a non-decider would be fair.  If we had to place our bets on the match, we’d say that the game would either result in a draw or another win for Kasimpasa. 

With the mindset of the previous game loss, it would be hard to change the player’s mindset, but everything could happen on the football pitch. We predict goals being scored by both teams during the match, that is for sure. 

Alanyaspor vs Gaziantep Preview & Prediction

Another well-anticipated football match happening on the 22nd of April is the clash between Alanyaspor and Gaziantep.  Although Alanyaspor will be playing home, there will be no supporters rooting for them, and this could be another factor why the team is not gaining any points this season. Unfortunately, Alanyaspor has only managed 1 win from the last 6 matches from the last six matches that player, and this does not place them in pole position to beat Gaziantep. 

On the other hand, compared to another team, Gaziantep seems to be thriving and on a steady pace to make it to the top 4 ranks. If we take the team’s performance in the last five matches, they sailed through them, except for just 1 loss. Whilst we hope for a draw so that Alanyaspor can finally pick up the pieces of this season, it is very likely that Gaziantep will take a winning home for this match. We also suggest a small bet on both teams to score, as both camps have something to prove. Alanyaspor wants a comeback desperately, whilst Gaziantep wants to keep a steady winning steak. Both teams will go all-in on this one. 

Galatasaray vs Trabzonspor Preview & Prediction

Galatasaray has always been a team to follow both on a national and international football spectrum. This week Turkish football fans will be treated to another power-filled football match between Galatasaray and Trabzonspor, with the football match happening on Wednesday 21st at the Galatasaray’s Turk Telekom Stadium. 

If we look at the last 3 matches for Galatasaray, they suffered some serious bouts. They kicked off April with a loss of 3- 1 against Hatayspor, then moved on to secure a draw against Fatih Karagumruk, and a 3-1 loss against Goztepe.  To say that Galatasaray needs a win to forget about their disastrous April is an understatement. 

On the other hand, Trabzonspor has a solid 6 match winning streak and will be looking to secure another win on Wednesday night. If we look at the current league standings, Galatasaray is sitting comfortably in the 3rd position with 65 points, and Trabzonspor follows in 4th position with 59 points. If we had to give our predictions, we’d say that this match will definitely see Galatasaray going all-in with both defence and attack, with the team scoring more than 2.5 goals and securing a win.  Playing home is always a good element in football, having fans is a bonus, in this case, no fans will attend the match, yet we still envisage a sailing through win for Galatasaray!

Now that we have looked at the top 3 matches happening this week at the Turkish Sup. League, who will you be placing your bets on?  The above football reviews will hopefully help you land some wins.  Let’s get betting, shall we?