Agent Defends Man United Keeper Against Criticism, Explains Role Ali Koc Had in Transfer Process

Source: Manchester United

Altay Bayındır’s agent has responded to criticism of Manchester United keeper in the Turkish media.

The Turkish media had been critical of some of Bayindir’s performances at Fenerbahce before the move to United.

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“I have ignored the unwarranted criticisms of you and some of your colleagues for years,” he said speaking to Serdar Ali Celikler on the BTV programme.

“But now I will answer even if it is short. In the simplest summary, you are doing an injustice to a national athlete who represents our country and our flag in one of the biggest clubs of world football.”

Serdar Ali Çelikler, a commentator, had said that Bayındır would not have been able to transfer to Manchester United without Ali Koç’s help.

He also claimed that Bayındır’s manager is a friend from the neighborhood and that the Glazer family, Manchester United’s owners, would not meet with him.

“If it wasn’t for Ali Koç, Altay Bayındır would not be able to transfer to Manchester United,” he said.

“Ali Koç’s relations with the Glazer family opened the door to Altay for Manchester United.

“I am a childhood friend from the neighborhood, you think the Glazers would meet me? don’t make me laugh.

“It is Ali Koç and his close relations that have finished this transfer.”

Bayındır’s manager has dismissed these claims, saying that they are unfair to a national athlete who is representing his country and flag at one of the biggest clubs in the world.

He also pointed out that Manchester United paid 5 million euros for Bayındır, which is more than Fenerbahçe paid for him in 2019.

Bayındır is currently the backup goalkeeper at Manchester United, but he could get an opportunity to play if Cameroonian goalkeeper Andre Onana continues to struggle – and in cup games and if Onana goes to the Africa Cup of Nations.