Nobody could have predicted Barcelona’s win over PSG


Nobody could have predicted Barcelona’s win over PSG

You know it’s Football when you see coloured flags, loud, in-sync chanting, and constant jeering! And the English Premier League is almost synonym to the game. If Football promises you perhaps the most reverberating 90 minutes (give or take) of your life, well, be prepared— for when it promises you an experience— it promises you a range of emotions you never thought you would experience in a sport. It is perhaps the only reason, we try to induce a little bit of the game in our lives in everything we do— we play it, follow the people who play it, and essentially, write about them!

Even in some of the most mundane games, there are moments of sheer brilliance in the tactics of the players. The international games however have a different atmosphere. In that essence, the Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain’s Champion’s League quarter-finals was a game that lived up to the truest nature of football. The game’s pulsating moments will resonate with the same rigour as that of the thumping heartbeats of the fans in the stadium and those watching from their television screens. This game was not only a stroke into the history of football, it was a mighty splash— etching their way into the future.

The UEFA Champions League in the first time in its history witnessed a team overcome a four-goal deficit. The 6-1 victory for Barcelona will make even the stoniest of hearts will feel sad for Paris Saint-Germain. And rightly so. Paris Saint-Germain were overwhelmed, and battered despite their confident early goal, and an unprecedented advantage they bought themselves with it in the second half of the game. But who could tell what was in store. Don’t reckon anyone at that time could comprehend what was happening on that field. Mistakes were being made by Paris Saint-Germain all around the field and Barcelona was in no mood to forgive. Glory turned to dust in quite the meaning of the phase. But it was more than just that. No Betting houses in England could’ve predicted it. This game brought in the drama you’d generally expect from one of the short-spelled games on the racecourses. Barca fans at the stadium showed their sheer joy as they would when you’d expect someone making big bucks at one of the Cheltenham betting offers. Paris Saint-Germain on the other hand succumbed to the high-pressure and the intensity of the game in the second half. Mistakes, misses and just the sheer power-packed performance from Barcelona FC made it a difficult game to take back control off. There was barely anytime left for recovery thereafter.

What is remarkable is that Barcelona as a club, these multi-talented players, have done everything, achieved everything. But they have never done this before. What a massive comeback this has been! What a treat it has been for the lovers of Football, all around the world.