‘You absolute legend’, ‘I’ll be sharing mine mate’ – The F2Freestylers React to Arsenal Star Mesut Ozil ‘Your Story Our Voice’ Campaign

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Arsenal star Mesut Ozil shared the first ‘Your Story Our Voice’ video on all his official social media platforms as part of his new campaign to combat racism, discrimination and raise mental health awareness.

The first video showed Rabiah open up about her struggles with mental health and was viewed by hundreds of thousands of followers.

Among those who viewed and commented on the video was the F2Freestlers who revealed that they wanted to share a video in support of the ‘Your Story Our Voice’ campaign.

The playmaker also received several messages from people who are dealing with or who have friends and family going through mental health problems in response to the video.

Ozil shared a four-page statement on his official Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts regarding his latest campaign.

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The Arsenal star has called on his followers to ‘stand up for what is right’ next time ‘they ever hear or see abuse and discrimination’.

Ozil has over 90 million followers across all social media platforms and has opened up his network to give a voice for people who are suffering with mental health, racism and discrimination.

The 30-year-old invited kids from the charity projects he is involved with to every home game at the Emirates Stadium.