Arsenal star reveals his favourite drawings from the Draw Mesut campaign

Arsenal star reveals his favourite drawings from the #DrawMesut campaign

Mesut Özil has uploaded his favourite drawings from the #DrawMesut campaign to his Facebook social media account.

The Arsenal star invited his fans to draw pictures of him and send them to his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts using the hashtag #DrawMesut.

Özil released the following statement on his official website: “Dear fans, thank you very much for your numerous participation in the #DrawMesut campaign – I can’t put into words how much I liked your drawings. they look really great! It makes me really happy to have such loyal and creative fans. I´ve added five drawings to my Facebook album – the ones I really liked are on facebook. I will be adding more of your drawings to this album. whether Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – just use hashtag #DrawMesut … and I will choose further drawings. many thanks to all who have participated so far. your Mesut.”

Here are a few of the drawings Özil’s fans sent in:

drawmesut2 drawmesut drawmestu3

The record breaking Arsenal signing has a huge social media following.

Özil has 7.93 million Twitter followers and almost 26 million Facebook likes making him the most followed Arsenal player on social media networks.