Calhanoglu & Toprak not being called up is ‘my decision’ says Terim

Turkish national team Fatih Terim

Hakan Çalhanoğlu and Ömer Toprak not being called up is ‘my decision’ says Fatih Terim [divider]

Fatih Terim defended his decision to not call up Bayer Leverkusen stars Hakan Çalhanoğlu and Ömer Toprak ahead of the Brazil and Kazakhstan games.

“A month has past since the last training camp, it seems you still have not been able to work out what happened” Terim said.

“Ömer Toprak and Hakan Çalhanoğlu are like our sons but I urge you to look into the story further. 

“If only you investigated what really happened. 

“This is my decision, you have the right to criticise my choices. 

“But it would be better if you learned the real story, however, this is my choice and if you want to criticise that is fine.”

Çalhanoğlu and fellow Bayer teammate Ömer Toprak have not called up to face Brazil and Kazakhstan.

Terim has been heavily criticised for the decision to drop the Bayer duo and call up Gökhan Töre.

Töre, Toprak and Çalhanoğlu were involved in an altercation last year which resulted in a gun being pulled on the Bayer duo.

Töre was reported to have had a fight with a friend of Toprak while a friend of the Beşiktaş winger held a gun to both Bayer players.

Çalhanoğlu revealed that he was very disappointed with the decision.

“I was waiting to be called up, I am in form and I am not injured,” Çalhanoğlu was quoted as saying by Fanatik.

“I am really disappointed with this decision, I cannot understand why this has happened and what will happen after. 

“I don’t know what is going on right now it is all very confusing and really upsetting.”